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Someone in my family was a coffee roaster- the BEST coffee roaster, in my opinion, and he had asked for our help with parts of his business.  The long story short, he sold his business, and we missed having good coffee to drink.  We bought a small coffee roaster and began roasting coffee for ourselves.  Then we started sharing with friends and family.  Guess what, people actually liked it!

So here we are again, all grown up and dreaming about coffee and the potential of being in business.  The truck driving side of the story was just a conformation that these two girls that had hopes and dreams, plans and schemes could accomplish ANYTHING if they set their minds to it, and worked together.
 Little did we know how far our creativity and fortitude would take us.  Hoosier Coffee Company was a dream that became a became OUR reality.  We hope that you enjoy our coffee as much as we enjoy roasting just for you!  We air roast in small batches to order.

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Best friends as children, Terri Graves and I  (Carie Bender) decided to go on an adventure. An adventure that we call LIFE!  We had been out of touch for many years, but reconnected well into adulthood.  We discussed childhood dreams of castles and carriages,  and adult realities of minimum wages.
Believe it or not, the beginning of this tale starts out of the necessity to earn a dime.  We decided that our 9-5 jobs and the poor economy was a bad combination. So I suggested that we learn to drive Semi trucks:  18 wheelers,  big rigs.  Terri thought that I had lost my mind. But after much deliberation, we did it; we went to truck driving school to drive team. 
Terri and I finished in the top of our class of 150 men.  Within two weeks we were on the road and making money!  Now, I know you are wondering how do we get from truck driving to coffee roasting. 
Well, I'm going to tell you.

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